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Space Jerks : Episode 2 Space Jerks : Episode 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You can tell when someone works hard on a movie...

When someone really takes threre time on a movie, little things shine through, Graphics wise, this was fairly poor, but you did obviously try for a good style, and it looked pretty nice all together for my personal tastes. The sound was really great, great effects, great music, great voice acting... I also especially like the option to skip the intro, which not alot of movies have, like I said little things shine through. It's setting up to be a really nice little series, and I hope to see more of them granted you continue taking that little bit extra effort into it. My only recommendations are to lessen the ammount of circles, create eyes that are not perfect circles, it can help add more expression. Also, for the quality of the voice acting, The lips just didn't do justice... Good luck making the next one, I'll keep an eye out for it.


Barney Poop 13 Barney Poop 13

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


... perhaps tasteless... but non the less interesting... this movie is important... its a prime Grade-A example of people abusing this great FREE system of newgrounds... either that or people really really hate george bush... but somehow i think voting this movie to a 2.41 on a website is just not the way to go about expressing anger, flustration, ect. However... just about any movie can be improved... only thing i could really mention would maybe be a better picture of george bush... and try a "lip-Lock" between whatever character and bush. Oh and was the blue man one of those 3 blue guys from the mobile centrino commericals? eh whatever... background music could have been better too... remember that eifel 65 song "Im blue" from now 4.... now that would have gone perfect...


W00tPWNER responds:

You hit the spot. Yes, the blue guy was from the Blue Man Group. I was going to use the Eiffle 65 Blue song, that was the original flash, but the filesize was too big, so I had to change the song to this. Plus, it does sound better with this song.

[ The End ] [ The End ]

Rated 2 / 5 stars

like a bad poem...

it wasn't the animation that was lacking, although it seemed as the movie progressed you got lazy with it.... it was just like you were writing visual poetry with no meaning.... to me this felt almost forced and starved of any

A) originality
B) depth

... but no matter that... it was still pretty good over all, animation wise (particularly when he riped his face off)... but anyways.. some definite ways to improve is "make sense"... i mean just random sadness and the end of the world is all well and good... but you should add some thought in there... it seems like it would be the end of "HIS" world.... so the ending "where will you be...." is kinda.... well outta place.... that made it just down right hokie... eh... not bad... keep it up... the good animation that is...


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Make A Lock 1.0 Make A Lock 1.0

Rated 2 / 5 stars

hmm... a few notes

Perhaps its me but it would have been great if you could have swapped depths to the top on clicking on something... also it was a tad bit annoying that when you clicked on something it moved down and too the right... more stuff too... and most of the hair didn't even really look that great... maybe more colors.... eh this was kinda bleh... for the most part... oh and messymike... ipress the "prt scr" button on the upper right hand side of your heyboard... dont know if you have photoshop or anything... but just open up paint or some program like it and go edit---paste or "ctrl+v"...


LR Interactive 1.0 LR Interactive 1.0

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ahhh.. makes me want the SNES

i always love game remakes, great game, even a tad challenging... i dont know if anyone has reviewed since you updated bowser... but i cant beat him... also the shift key is an annoying key to have as the kick... i can see why you used it and all... i just get the stupid stick shift thing everytime i hit it five times in a row... im sure i could turn that off... but it ruins your high score to randomly get killed cause a pop interupts... maybe its just my comp though... other than that, pretty well done i must say... no "suggestions, but afew ideas if theres a second one coming anytime soon... you bone characters, make them fall down and get back up, of course as with any game power ups are great... you might even wanna play around with a player switch type thing (Donkey Kong Contry 1-3) ive tried my hand at making some megaman remakes... im just lazy and get flustrated... but hey keep it up... its always a nice refresher to play a well made game


23123safdjdsdas 23123safdjdsdas

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad...

two words for it mate.... very clean, i think it looks visually clean and not jumbled like many games, and thats an accomplishment right there, having said that i do have some thoughts.try some doubles balls, bigger playing field, power ups for bigger and smaller paddles so on so forth... just some ideas... not too mention make it two player... and once this is done, make a menu select screen, and some diffrent music selections, maybe a taskbar at the bottom or top... a pause button would be nice too... its a challenge, but by the shipshapeness of this one i can see it being done.... make a background select too, excess features always add style, even unneeded style.. all in all not bad... i think some of the reviews here on newgrounds need to remember what a review is, its not only critizism, but suggestions to make the movies better... dont let some of them get too you mate... just regroup and try again, its not a total faliure, looking at your other movies simple is the name of your games, but apparently simple is not the majoritys will... good luck and good game....